The use of paper data sheets for waste characterisation causes many inefficiencies:


ON SITE – where it is inconvenient to handle and fill in,


AT THE OFFICE – where the data collected needs to be entered manually in the computer by an administrator, in order to be compiled and analyzed at a later stage.


By bringing software and apps into the equation, StreamSort simply removes the cost of data entry, reduces the risk for mistakes, and makes compiling and analyzing data much easier.


“Over the last years, policies in our region were based on field data that was greatly inaccurate, due to both poor design and execution of the waste characterization studies. “  


G. Smith – Environmental Consultant

“It’s very common that I receive an MMS from the person compiling the study at the office, asking me to clarify what is written on the paper data sheet. Paper data sheets are really not ideal for field work, when you are moving around on site with the wind etc.’


What brings us together is our passion for resource efficiency and sustainable material management. Our team permanently seeks opportunities to contribute solutions that will advance the recycling economy and reduce waste disposal to landfill and incineration. In the digital age, we believe policy makers & businesses could better leverage the data available to drive change.


In many sectors such as energy and transportation for instance, mobile technology is used extensively to leverage data and provide analysts and policy makers with the information they need to make informed decisions. In the waste / material management sector, the use of data is still based on archaic methods of collection and analysis. With this project, our team decided to take on the challenge to bring data collection technology to the next level.



Leslie Lukacs – Founding Partner


Camille Duran – Founding Partner


Gabriela Lemos Borba – Business Development


Han Nguyen – Business Development


Johan Signér – Marketing, Product Design & Concept Development


Kuba Markiewicz – Architecture & Programming

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